Saturday, March 17, 2018

Quilted Linden Sweatshirt

Hi guys! This is another top that I made in 2017: a Linden Sweatshirt

I used a quilted double knit fabric made by Telio. 

I think you can see the texture a little bit in the above photo. Black fabric is always difficult to photograph! 

I raised the neckline a bit for this one, to make it more of a crew neck. The as-drafted neck opening is pretty big. I started by just extending the front, back, and sleeve pattern pieces by an inch, but that led to the shoulders standing up away from my body. There was too much fabric. I had to also make each piece narrower at the top, by 1/4 inch on each side of each piece. I just used a ruler to help me draw the new lines and change the angle of the pieces. It wasn't that precise, since I was kind of figuring it out as I went, and it is a loose-fitting, knit garment that doesn't have to be perfectly fitted. 

I also lengthened the sweatshirt by about 1.5 inches and the sleeves by 1 inch (I'm 5'10"). 

I'd say this is another successful addition to my Linden collection. I'm glad I tried this variation - it's nice to build confidence in making alterations instead of feeling like I always have to follow a pattern 100%.

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