Monday, March 26, 2018

Charlie Caftan

Hi guys! Here is my Charlie Caftan, from Closet Case Patterns. This is such a cute pattern.

I made View A, with no gathers and Yes! Pockets!

I used a chambray that was a bit heavier than ideal, probably. I like that it's not light enough to be clingy in the back, but it's a little bit stiff for this dress. 

I wonder if it will soften up and break in, like denim does, after I wear and wash it a few times. 

My inset center panel is not perfect - it's a tricky technique the first time! But I don't think most people will ever notice that. 

I think it's really cute, and I would love to make a flowy one in Version B or C (with gathers and maybe with waist ties). Rayon challis might be really nice, or linen! Then I can spend this summer in the caftan club.

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