Friday, September 24, 2021

Heather Blazer

Hello! I made a blazer. As you can see, it's a casual, linen blazer, not a formal, office-appropriate blazer. I used the Heather Blazer pattern from Friday Pattern Company.

The outer fabric is Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Classics Woven Linen Check Indigo from It's a linen-cotton mix, weighing in at 4.45 oz/yard. It feels a little more substantial than my favorite, Kaufman's Brussels Washer Linen, which is a linen-rayon mix. I am happy with my choice, as it's not too drapey. I wanted this to be a little bit structured. 

For the lining, I used some navy rayon challis from my stash. It's nice to have something kind of slippery. If I want to wear long sleeves underneath, they will just glide into and out of the blazer sleeves. 

Did I make a toile? No! I just held up the pattern pieces to see how long it would be. I didn't lengthen the pattern at all, and I'm 5'10". I'm happy with the length of the blazer. The sleeves would be a bit too short for me if I didn't roll them up, but I plan to wear them rolled, so this length is fine. 

This is a nice, doable way to learn to put in a lining. I have made a couple of lined jackets before, and it is always fun when you finally pull the outer fabric through the gap in the lining and see the almost-finished project! The hardest part was sewing the sleeves to their linings, but I just followed the instructions, worked carefully,  and it turned out fine. 

If this blazer ever gets torn, I will be forced to ask it, "What is your damage, Heather?" #GenXJokes

So this is my first fall outfit, sorted. I have lots of other plans for sewing and knitting. I never get to everything on the list, but it's fun to try!

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