Wednesday, June 17, 2020

CardiZen from Bayron Handmade

Hey guys! I thought I'd do one of my semi-annual blog posts. 

I made a seasonally-inappropriate cardigan last summer, the CardiZen, designed by Denise Bayron from Bayron Handmade. And now it's unseasonable in the Northern Hemisphere again, but if you started one now, it would be ready for fall. And for Southern Hemisphere knitters, I'm right on time!

I used black roving from Bluprint (remember those days, when it wasn't going out of business?). It was a good price for super bulky yarn, but the sweater turned out pretty heavy. Weigh your options when choosing yarn! (maybe literally). 

I ordered the Jul closures that the designer shows in her pattern photos. They look so cool, and they allow you to close a sweater in different ways. Check out the sweater pattern listing on Ravelry to see a couple ways that Denise styled hers with the closures. This is the first time I've used any sweater closures, so I'm still figuring out how I like to place them. 

It's hard to see black in photographs, and this sweater is no exception. But trust me, I love how it looks. It feels sophisticated as well as cozy. It was an enjoyable project to knit, and the instructions were clear. 

I'm excited to wear this again in the fall and winter. But for now I am enjoying the summer, even though my kids aren't going to any activities where I can drop them off, and the pools are closed, and it is going to be a very long summer with the whole family together every minute and the last three months already felt like a year, but still! Summer is coming in three days and I'm here for it. 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Linen Carolyn Pajamas for Summer

I made a pair of linen pajamas for summer. The pattern is the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns. I made View C, which has shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. 

I love these! I usually sleep in oversized t-shirts that my husband gets free from work and comfy shorts that I also use for working out. It's nice to have real pajamas! I would love to make a few more sets and wear them every night. But there are so many other things to sew, I doubt I will make a full pj wardrobe this summer. 

I especially love the shorts. Every time I wake up wearing them, I want to keep them on all day. I've started sewing a knee-length pair in a different linen fabric. I also want to make some daytime shorts using this pattern, lengthening it by an inch or two.

I decided to use snaps instead of putting on buttons, and I love the little pop of red. I don't use snaps very often, and it was pretty cool how fast they install. I don't mind sewing buttonholes and buttons, but it does take a lot longer than attaching snaps. Plus it's fun to hammer the snaps. I used this snap setter and it worked perfectly. 

This is the linen I used: Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Classic Wovens Linen Stripes Black Fabric from It's great for keeping cool and comfortable to sleep in.

 Do you like making pajamas? Have any favorite patterns I should try?