Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Make Nine

Are you guys taking part in the Make Nine Challenge this year? The challenge is to choose nine items that you plan to make in 2019, share it on Instagram, and then make those things. If you change your mind, fine! If you don't make them all, no problem! It's just for fun. You can join in on Instagram by following the account @makeninechallenge and using the hashtag #makenine2019. 

Here's mine for this year:

From top to bottom, left to right, I chose:

I just finished this one today! I started it last month and wove in the ends today. 

Most of my fabric arrived today (one color of waxed canvas was missing and instead I received navy faux fur!) I have the finishing kit from Klum House, with straps, zipper, rivets, and a snap. I'll have to wait until my correct fabric arrives to get started.

I have a soft french terry that I'm excited to use with this pattern.

I started these last year, so I have a head start on my first pair of jeans!

I've made two of these already, but I'd love to make a couple more. The pattern includes a few variations and I can imagine wearing all of them.

I like the shape of these pants, but I need to figure out what fabric to use for them. I will have to do some research with the hashtag on instagram and see what other sewists have used.

Really, I want to make a bunch of her designs. They're so chunky and squishy and cute. I already made the Carlisle Cardigan (and wove in those ends today, too). 

I think this architectural shirt looks so cool! I don't know what fabric to use for it yet. 

I love this jacket and plan to make it out of linen and wear it all spring.

Do you have sewing and knitting plans for 2019 or do you just wing it? 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sabrina Sweater from We Are Knitters

I got this Sabrina Sweater kit back in early 2017, and it took me over a year to finish it. It shouldn't have -- I was excited to wear it, and it's not too difficult to knit. But summer came, and I'm not as interested in knitting when it's warm out. I put it aside for a little while, got distracted with other projects, and didn't pick it back up for a long time. But I'm so glad to be able to wear it now! 

The kit comes with a bare-bones instruction pamphlet and their pima cotton yarn. You can choose to buy needles from them or just use your own. I used my own since I like to knit on circulars, even for knitting flat. 

The sweater is knit flat, in four pieces. You sew them together after they're knit. The stitches used are just knits and purls, and making lots of baubles. 

I changed the pattern a bit by making the bauble rows get farther apart as I got to the top of the sweater. I also lengthened the sleeves and body (I'm 5'10"). I made the back a little longer than the front and made a split hem. 

The cotton yarn is really nice quality and was easy to work with. 

I think my sweater turned out really cute! It's a simple shape but the baubles make it fun and interesting. 

We Are Knitters shows the neckline as an off-the-shoulder boatneck, but when you sew the front and back together, you can just sew farther in to make a smaller neck opening. Mine is wide, but not off-the-shoulder.

The kit is currently on sale if you want to make one, too.