Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My First Kalle Dress

Hiya! I'm calling this post "My First Kalle Dress" because I'm already planning to make a couple more. There are a few variations included in the pattern, so it will be easy to make multiple Kalles without feeling like you are boring.

I made version 3, the shirt dress with high-low hem and button placket. I used off-white linen and vintage mother of pearl buttons. 

It's plenty long enough in the back, but a bit too short for me on the sides. I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing it out and about without leggings or something underneath. I actually think it would look better over skinny jeans than these black leggings, and I'll probably wear them next time. I may just think of this one as a tunic. 

I'm 5'10", so I should have known enough to lengthen it by a few inches, but when I held up the pattern pieces, it seemed like it would be fine as-is. It's probably not too short for most people as-is, but pay attention to the length on the sides!

I think it is super cute, and I already have two pieces of chambray waiting to be made into more Kalles. I think both of those will be opaque enough to be worn without a slip, which is my dream for summertime! It seems so hard to find lightweight dresses and tops that breathe and that aren't see-through. I don't want to wear two shirts or two dresses when it's hot out! 

I love the high-low hem and the loose fit. 

I was tired by the time I got to the sleeve cuffs, and I couldn't make sense of the instructions. I'm not sure I sewed them on according to the pattern. I think they're supposed to turn up, and mine don't. I like how mine turned out, even if they're an unintended modification. I'll try to follow the pattern instructions next time and I wouldn't be surprised if they are clear when I'm not super tired. 

My other problem with this dress was my choice of marking tools. I used a pink Clover chalk marker, and the pink chalk was really difficult to wash out of this fabric! I also used a mechanical pencil to mark my button holes, and I'm not sure those lines will ever be gone. 

I found some tips on a couple of quilting websites, so I washed the dress with a lot of white vinegar, which lightened the marks a bit. Then I applied vinegar and baking soda and gently scrubbed with a laundry brush (I was trying to clean right around the button holes and I didn't want to make them fray). Then I washed it again with extra vinegar and decided it was good enough.

Now the marks are much lighter. I don't think anyone will notice, unless they are inspecting my button holes. So, just my fellow sewists or maybe button hole weirdos (who I just made up, but about whom I'm now imagining a whole novel).

Next time I will use blue chambray that I think will be opaque, add on-seam pockets, lengthen the pattern, and test my fabric marker before drawing all over my fabric. I'm also planning a tunic version in red chambray and for that, I'll probably try the popover version. I think all three Kalles should get a lot of wear this summer.

P.S. my lipstick is a dupe of the color worn by the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix show The Crown. Did you watch it? I had to suffer through the first episode, feeling quite bored and mistrustful of all the people who had recommended it, but then it got really good and I binge watched the rest of the season. Even my husband was watching with me by the end, and he has no interest in royals or period dramas. (And when the heck did I start loving all these shows about queens?? Victoria sucked me in because it stars Clara (Jenna Coleman) from Doctor Who, but I stayed because it was excellent and had such beautiful sets and costumes. Now I love The White Princess, starring the kidnapped girl from Thirteen, Jodie Comer.)

Back to my original ramble, Claire Foy as Elizabeth is always wearing a certain shade of lipstick, and if you watch the whole season quickly, you may find yourself needing to wear the same color. Mine is pretty close, and it's e.l.f. Ravishing Rose. It's very affordable and widely available, so check it out if you want to feel like the Queen of England.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hemlock Shirt, Me Made May + Stuff

Hey guys! How's it going?

So, I first used this Robert Kaufman speckle jersey knit fabric to make a Toaster Sweater.

I love it and was super happy that I had enough left over to make a Hemlock tee.

The Hemlock is a free pattern from Grainline Studio. It doesn't take up much fabric and is super wearable. And it sews up really quickly, so you can wear it pretty soon after you start think of making it. 

How is your May going? I'm loving Me Made May and seeing everyone's outfits! Though I'm having trouble getting my kids to take good photos of me. They are always dying to take photos, except when I really want them to. I may have to use the tripod more often. 

1. Scout tee and Driftless cardigan, both from Grainline Studio

2. Scout tee and Oceanside pants (Blank Slate Patterns)

3. Linden sweatshirt, lengthened (Grainline Studio)

5. Toaster sweater (Sew House Seven)

5 again, after the day warmed up: Scout tee (Grainline Studio)

6. Reeta midi shirtdress from Named Patterns

7. Addison tank with no collar, from Seamwork Magazine

8. Another Scout tee (yes, there are still more to come)

On Saturday my friend and neighbor was the victim of a surprise birthday party. We brought chips and salsa and the best green chile dip, and Lemonade Sangria. It was so pretty! I bookmarked a few different recipes and combined bits and pieces to make this refreshing, yummy drink:

Sangria Lemonade
1 bottle of Chardonnay
1/2 gallon of Lemonade
2/3 cup of Bacardi Limon
1 green apple, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 cup of strawberries, sliced

Combine above ingredients and refrigerate for at least one hour. 

Add 1 cup of seltzer water and serve. 

FIY, the kids I know always want to drink sangria. If you're feeling generous, make some lemonade with fruit floating in it for the kids.

See you soon!