Sunday, October 1, 2017

Satiny Black Ogden Cami

Hi guys! Here is my second Ogden cami (pattern from True Bias). I used a black silky satin charmeuse fabric with nice drape and no clinginess, found on here (that's an affiliate link).

I made this one around the same time as my blue Lizzy House one, and I didn't make any modifications. 

Next time, I will make a couple of modifications that I mentioned in my last post: raising the front neckline by an inch and widening the straps. I will keep the back as-is, though. I like how deep the v-neck is, without showing a regular bra band.  

I wore this Ogden tank out to dinner when we were in Las Vegas this summer, and I didn't feel at all like a frumpy mom. SUCCESS!

This past week, it was cooler outside, so I wore it under a cardigan (to go to a meeting at school). I can see myself reaching for this top (and its upcoming sisters) year-round, and for a variety of outfits. It's great as a standalone tank top and as a layering piece.

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