Friday, August 18, 2017

Lizzie House Ogden Cami

Hi guys! I guess I inadvertently took the summer off from blogging, but I didn't take the summer off from making things. Here's a good one to start with: the ubiquitous Ogden Cami from True Bias. I see so many of these on my Instagram feed!

I used this cotton lawn designed by Lizzy House, and it is gorgeous. It's very lightweight and is great for summer tops.  

Lizzy House Printmaking Lawn Nosara Blue (affiliate link)

I will probably make more of these camis, but I may make a few changes to the pattern. I'd like to widen the straps a bit, to cover up bra straps. In the photo below, I can see my bra straps on both sides! I don't mind them showing a little, but wider straps would be a nice variation to try next time. 

I also might raise the front neckline by an inch, since I'm often leaning over to take care of my kids, or picking up my 4-year old. I'd rather have more coverage at this stage of life. 

This pattern sews up quickly! It's a great, satisfying half-day make. I've made two Ogden camis so far and I can envision making a few more in other fabrics, if I don't get distracted by other projects.  

Have you made any Ogden camis? Did you sew a lot this summer, or do you sew more when it's cold outside?

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