Sunday, April 2, 2017

Reeta Dress

Hi guys, the past couple months have been pretty awful, so I didn't feel like blogging. A few of the bad events were the anniversary of my dad's death, which filled me with dread for about six weeks as it approached; my poor mom needing a fifth hip replacement surgery after her implant snapped in half; and the removal of two of my wisdom teeth, after which my jaw and skull were in unbearable pain for over a month. 

*The good news is that the anniversary came and went, and I felt a huge relief. It felt like my year of intense mourning was completed, and it was okay for me to be happy again, without feeling guilty. 

*My mom is recovering nicely from her surgery. She feels very weak, but she is the strongest lady I know, and she will recover yet again. 

*My wisdom teeth holes finally closed up and my skull stopped feeling like it was being hit with a hammer all the time. I'm so excited to feel like I'm out in the light again, after such a tough year and especially the last couple months!

After my head quit hurting and I could stand the noise of my sewing machine, I was excited to sew this Reeta dress. It's a new casual shirt dress pattern from Named Patterns. It has buttons up the front, a drawstring waist, and side slits. It feels like something my grandma would have sewn and worn, which I really like.  

The collar was the hardest part for me, but that's not Named's fault. I think it's only the second one I've attached and I could use more practice. I will seek out some tutorials and demonstrations before my next collared dress or shirt. I bet there are tricks and techniques that would make it easier.


For this dress I used a cotton lawn and silver buttons. I made the drawstring out of the same fabric.

I've already bought some cotton ikat to make a second Reeta. I think that fabric will look more casual, justifying having two Reeta dresses! Between the two, I should be covered for any kind of outing this spring and summer. I'm also definitely going to add on-seam pockets to the next dress. I can't wait to wear them both a ton.


Making things is so comforting during tough emotional times! Letting my brain focus on what my hands are doing is a moving meditation, allowing my mind to relax and stop dwelling on bad thoughts. Being productive is so gratifying! Creating things feels good any time, but it is a real mood lifter on a bad day. This Reeta dress kept me busy for a few days, challenged me just the right amount, and turned out so well! I'm so glad I have a bunch of creative hobbies to keep me sane. 

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