Sunday, April 30, 2017

Me Made May 2017

Hi guys! Tomorrow is May 1st and that means Me Made May begins. Are you taking part in it this year? 

Do you know what I'm talking about? It's a challenge to people who make their own clothes: wear what you made every day for a month. Or wear your handmade clothes a few days a week. You get to decide what your personal challenge will be. The point is mainly to encourage us to actually wear the things we've made.

Zoe of the blog So, Zo ... What Do You Know? created the challenge eight years ago. Click the link above to read what it is and how it works in her own expert words. :)  

I am pledging to wear something handmade every day this month. I might have sewn and knitted enough clothes to wear something different each day. That will depend on the weather -- if there are some cold days, I have sweaters and sweatshirts to wear. If it's hot, I have tank tops, shorts and skirts. And for any weather, I have short sleeved shirts. If I need to repeat some clothes, that's okay with me. 

I'll post photos of my outfits on instagram at made_by_tonya. Search for other makers using the hashtag #MMMay17. It's really fun to see what everybody is wearing and to find new friends around the world. 

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