Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Talvikki Sweater

Hi guys, I'm done with my second sewing project from my 2017 sewing goals

I finished the first one early, on December 31, 2016. It was the Lottie dress that I wore for New Year's Eve. 

The second one is my Talvikki sweater! I love this one so much and I don't want to wear anything else. It's made from this luxe fleece from It's super soft and cozy. I think I might have enough left to make Hudson pants, too - just to wear around the house!

Here you can see the side vent and that the back is longer than the front.

I added two inches to the length (front and back) since I am tall (5'10"). 

It's good for playing inflatable mini guitars.

The back of the neck looks kind of lumpy. I hadn't noticed that until I saw this photo. Maybe a good pressing would help, but doubt I'll bother, since my hair covers it up anyway.

Here you can see how the neck looks from the side.

My fabric is thick, so I was not able to make the neckline perfectly straight and smooth, but I can't even tell in this photo. I hand-stitched the collar facing down at every dart and at the side-seams, though the instructions only say to tack it down at the side-seams. This fabric is pretty thick and stubborn, so it needed more encouragement to stay down.

I really like the detail of the darts. It makes this sweatshirt special. I also like the higher neckline; it's so cozy, without the suffocation that I can sometimes feel in a turtleneck. 

The vents on the side can let in a breeze, so I'll probably wear a light t-shirt or tank top underneath. My jeans are high-waisted, so you can't see skin through the vent, but the air can still sneak in.

The Talvikki is easy to sew and can take your sweatshirt game up a couple notches. The details make it special and I think with the right fabrics it could go to work at a casual office. It's not just for lounging (but it's pretty good at it). 

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