Monday, April 16, 2018

Geodesic Sweatshirt

Hi guys! Here is my cropped Geodesic sweatshirt. The pattern is from Blueprints for Sewing. It has two views: a longer one, with pockets, and this cropped version. 

I used a lightweight charcoal french terry. The dark color makes it a little difficult to see the design, but try this closer view:

The construction is cool and it's fun to make! It's made of multiple triangles joined together. Taylor's designs are all interesting and smart. Her instructions are great and the clothes turn out really well.  

Here, I'm wearing it over my crazy Willamette shirt, but it's also cute with high-waisted pants. Next winter I definitely want to make a longer version, possibly with a few different colored fabrics to show off the triangles.

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